The Metropolitan Club wedding reception |Chicago IL Wedding | Julie and Pete

Julie and Pete are two people who know what they want,  they know how to make it happen, and they will do with with style and class…I mean really, a day that starts with Jimmy Choo shoes and ends up with a party on the top of the Sears (Willis) tower [Metropolitan Club @ Willis Tower, Chicago IL] isn’t one that will soon be forgotten.

Julie’s red Betsy Johnson party shoes.

And the after the party shoes 🙂

This is one of my favorite photos from the day, it was the last check in the mirror before Julie and Pete had their first look. You can feel the intensity of the moment… I love how Julie’s Mom is looking on making sure that everything is perfect for her daughter. Dress by Ulla Maija Couture.

Pete making sure he looked great for his bride.

They got ready at the W, and this hall was perfect for their first look.

The ironic part of this moment is that Julie and I worked really hard to convince a more traditional Pete that seeing each other before the wedding was a good idea, and aren’t you glad you listened Pete? It ended up being his favorite moment of the day, and I must say mine as well.  It gave us more time for amazing photos, and who doesn’t want that?

Julie had a very special little black book made (by yours truly) for him as his gift, I do believe he’s saying “Thank you Hilda” in this photo  😉

Waiting for the ceremony to start in a 1941 Cadillac.

How cute is the ring-bearer in his policeman’s uniform? (The Groom and some of the Groomsmen are police officers)

The tiny flower girl floated down the isle, she wasn’t even nervous, she did such a good job 🙂


I’m not limited only to photography during a wedding day, I do whatever needs to be done…and to be honest I love fussing with and spoiling the Brides.

Favorite 1.

LOVE this! Favorite 2!

Who am I kidding, all the photos on the blog are my favorite, otherwise they wouldn’t be on here.

OK true story…I was laying on the street to get this shot.

Cake by

I love shooting by video light. If you are looking for a top notch super professional  and talented team, then you need to check out Keith Anderson. Seriously amazing work, and I do not brag about too many videographers. Him and his wife Jennifer were a dream to work with. Click here to see the pre-wedding video they created for Julie and Pete, it was a huge hit during the reception.

My hard working and talented assistant Carol set up this shot, I love it! Great job Carol!

From Julie and Pete…

My favorite wedding purchase(s) were my shoes, both of them! My Jimmy Choos were a gift to myself, always wanted a pair and they were just “perfect” the sparkle just really looked beautiful with my dress. The red & black Betsy Johnsons shoes for the reception with a flower, my personality and I had to have them!

Pete and I had so much fun planning our wedding! He was involved in just about every decision and because we did so much of it together it really made it even more that “Special”. We wanted it to be every bit about us, our favorite things to do and eat and at the same time honor those that were no longer with us. We wanted to have something more to remember them by!

My favorite moment was definitely when I saw Peter for the 1st time, it was the most AMAZING moment of my life! I dreamed about what it would feel like but that moment, the set up, the atmosphere and his reaction was so much more than I ever imagined! I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. To have that time to spend together before things begin is the BEST decision we ever made!

To have so many of our family members and close friends in the same room in such a beautiful and romantic setting was something we both really looked forward to. We had so much fun seeing everyone have a great time and we enjoyed every moment of it. We had a blast dancing with everyone, it just felt like it was over in a “blink of an eye”.

My mom made a very special tie on for my bouquet she crafted a memorial for my grandmothers and grandfather. it was beautiful!! She tied a photo of each of them to a jewel and added a cross to it. It was wrapped around my flowers.

Another special moment for us was when we were escorted into the room for the first time before our guests arrived. It was overwhelming to see how gorgeous everything was. I remember Pete saying to me “Wow, we did all of this”. All the little details that you spend hours crafting had all come together and it was more than we expected!

What I would have done differently- if i had to pick something I would say wish the day started earlier, we had some unexpected delays in the morning with our room not being ready so a delayed start cost us some time, and i wish we could have added 2 more hours at the end, it just goes by so fast, we didn’t want it to end!

We had amazing vendors, and thank goodness for the help and patience of my mother who helped from Boston and close friends!

Our vendors: Amazingly talented, friend and our photographer for LIFEHilda Burke @ Angel Eyes Photography.

Fantastic wedding planner-Patti Heroiux

Videographer–Keith Anderson (best video presentation EVA!!)

DJ Entertainment-Lee Haynes of Legend Entertainment

Flowers-Paradise Flowers-Beata Ortwat (I loved my bouquet sooo much)

Hey Hilda-its Pete,
My favorite part of the whole wedding was seeing my beautiful wife for the first time. It was a very touching moment for both of us and I will remember that for the rest of my life.

My second part of the wedding that i really enjoyed was our video. The day we made it was a lot of fun. Seeing it together for the first time at our wedding was great. We both didn’t know what each other said so it was very cool to see it all come together.

It was also very special for us to have so many of Julie’s family travel from Boston to be with us and to enjoy the great city of Chicago where we met. Thanks so much for all your great work we look forward to our next shoot.


A big thank you to Jessica & Kevin who recommended me to Julie & Pete, I shot their wedding a few years ago 😀  Here’s me looking dorky and disheveled at the end of the night with the gorgeous couples.

And of course gotta show some love for my favorite wedding coordinator in the whole wide world Patti.

And I did not want to end this post with me, so he’s another favorite.