Wedding at the Redfield Estate (The Grove) | Schram Memorial Chapel in Glenview | Nina and Alex

I met up with Nina and Alex in Glenview at The Redfield Estate where the reception took place, it was also the perfect place for some pre-wedding photos 🙂

I love photographing inside the mansion, its like stepping back in time…of course having a gorgeous bride didn’t hurt either.

One of my many favorites.

This wedding definitely gave me plenty of opportunities to get a fix for my red obsession 😉

Love this one!

This was so funny!! We arrived at the Chapel right when a bus filled with guests pulled up. So the Bride sprinted for the entrance and the ‘Officiant’ (who BTW was also the driver, and a good friend of the B&G) tried to hider her.

The ceremony took place at the Schram Memorial Chapel in Glenview.

Back at the Grove.

Nina changed into a red party dress 🙂

Taking a few minutes to practice their first dance…

…which was beautiful and was a huge hit with friends and family.

Speeches from the parents…

….and the bridal party.

I’m not sure what’s happening here , but it sure is funny!

For their last dance, they went up to the balcony as the crowd below cheered them on.

Perfect photo finish if I do say so myself.

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