3.2 Miles-

Addy & Griffin got married on 11-11-11, you can see the wedding here. In all my years of photographing weddings I have never heard vows like this, Carol and I wept though the whole thing. Even now when I read it it makes me all misty eyed. Recently Griffin gave Addy beautiful calligraphy of the vows he read to her on their wedding day.  Here’s a photo of it, it may be a little hard to read on the web so I wrote it up below the photo. Thank you for sharing Addy, and thank you Griffin for showing the world that romance is not dead. Much love and happiness to you both!

3.2 Miles

It’s 3.2 miles from our home to your work.

I’ve driven you every time I can for the past 2.5 years. And the truth is that I’ve been lying to you all that time. I say that I drive you to work because it’s easier or faster. And that’s true. But the real truth is that I do it for the simple fact that I get to be around you for a few minutes longer, at a time when it feels like there’s no one else on the world.


For 31 years I haven’t belonged anywhere. I’ve always been an outsider. But with you, I found a place where I belong. I finally found someone who understands me and loves me for all my faults. You’re an incredible person and even more incredible friend. The fact that you choose to spend your time with me truly humbles me.


I’m a pretty simple man Adelaide. Nothing was simpler than deciding to ask you to be my wife. So when you ask me to drive you to work those 3.2 miles I will do it forever. Because it’s not just a chance to make you coffee every morning, hold your hand or talk about the day together. It’s a chance to “belong” just a little bit longer. And I’d be a fool for letting even one of those chances go without taking advantage of it. All this time you thought I was doing a favor for you. The truth is that you’ve been doing the favor for me.