Meg and Andy [2] Pavilion at Meson Sabika, Naperville Illinois Wedding reception

Meg and Andy’s Wedding Reception was at Meson Sabika in Naperville. It is a gorgeous reception hall, with amazing food…I don’t know what it was called but the shrimp pasta dish had me and Carol going back for seconds. Click here to see part one on their wedding.

A few  portraits on the grounds at Meson Sabika.

Seriously Meg, WOW!

Getting ready for their big entrance! Andy is a triathlete and Meg loves to run and bike, so they incorporated all that into their entrance to the reception as husband a wife.

While Andy circled the dance floor, Meg ran all the way around the room, it was epic I tell you…the guests were impressed, as was I!

Not only did  Meg have her running shoes on, but she also had her water bottle and sports watch! I love it when couples add these personal touches to their weddings 🙂

First dance.

Party time.

Had to do something cool with the rings…

From the Bride…

‘Dress-Wolsfeld’s in Aurora, IL
Flowers-Town & Country Gardens in Geneva, IL: Absolutely wonderful service, quality work and arranging, freshest flowers!
DJ-Music by Design in Geneva, IL: Very accommodating staff, competitive rates, ability to select custom music selections for the reception.
Dessert Buffet: Cocoa Bean in Geneva, IL: Nancy Saucedo the owner, is fantastic. The selections are great, and every item selected for the buffet tasted even better than they looked. A true treat for us and our wedding guests.
Favorite Purchase: Custom-made straws in our wedding colors off of…a totally random and fun detail for the reception.

Favorite memories: Taking photos with Andy on the river-walk with Hilda and Carol. You both made the photography so easy, fun, and natural. The quality of work is evident in the photos we’ve seen. The attention to detail in each photo has captured the essence and atmosphere of our wedding day so perfectly.

Second favorite-Andy and my entrance in to the reception…probably the most personal touch of the day.
It was fun, it was a relaxed yet beautiful day, and I felt nothing but happiness.’

Love this photo, they used it for their thank you card 🙂

More photos on Facebook 🙂