St. Paul of the Cross ceremony, Park Ridge | Mission Hills Country Club wedding reception, Northbrook

This happy couple had a vision of how they wanted their wedding to be, as I’m sure most couples do, but they were very pro active about it. When I first talked to the Bride, she was very clear that photography was a priority and she backed up her vision with action. She wanted an ‘unplugged’ wedding…which simply means that you ask the guests to put away their cameras and cell phones (especially during the ceremony) and be fully present in the moment, and let the professional photographers handle the photos. She put this request on the wedding website, in their invitation, and this is a quote from the Bride…
“I basically told guests that we saved our hard earned money to have a professional capture our special day and had a simple chat with those who might be less receptive to our request…” 😉

Ceremony: St. Paul of the Cross

I love the photo below for many reasons…the most obvious is the beautiful moment of the Groom seeing his Bride…the not so obvious is that all the guests are in the moment as well, and no one is hiding behind their phone, or camera. It’s a battle most photographers will never win, but when the couple takes a pro-active approach, we have this.

Reception : Mission Hills Country Club